The Politics of Prohibition & the AR-15

All the unreasoned hoopla about the AR-15 brought on by the Orlando shooting is driven by treacherous pantywaists, commies, and crooks of all stripes. Their primary tool for gaining a prohibition of owning this rifle is the ignorance of urban voters. For the most part, these voters know nothing about existing gun laws, firearms, self-defence, hunting, or military service.

Partisan politics plays a large role in this. Gay and Muslim voters form a significant constituency for the left of centre political parties. This demands that these parties cannot acknowledge that religion or culture forms the foundation for many such atrocities. Therefore, the politicians cannot blame Muslim culture for creating this mass murderer. Certainly, they cannot blame the gay victims for not being manly enough to fight for their lives.

The Orlando shooter was a state licenced armed security guard and a poster child for gun control. He underwent two extensive background checks and a medical exam that determined that he had no condition that precluded preforming armed duties. He was fingerprinted and all his identity papers were examined. He completed 60 hours of firearms training. He was required to renew his armed guard licence each year. The FBI investigated the shooter on two occasions and, it appears, actually removed him from the terror watch list. They cannot blame the FBI, Florida state bureaucrats, or the shooters employer, a government contractor, for lax or inept enforcement of laws or company policy.

Nor can politicians blame the police for not following the lessons learned from other mass shootings like the ecole polytechnique shooting in Montreal. They can’t blame the tragically delayed and disorganised police response that caused more deaths. That only leaves one whipping boy, the AR-15—never mind that the Orlando shooter didn’t use an AR-15 but an Sig Sauer MCX.

What else could have been done–ban guns outright? When another terrorist attacks what then—ban homosexuality so the terrorists won’t hate us so much? The simple truth is, we can’t ban our way to safety, however, we can overreact and turn our society as dangerously totalitarian as anything ISIS can imagine.