Waterproof Paper

My notebook is in a ziplock bag, my small digital camera is in a small Pelican case, I’m soaking wet, but my directions to this place are waterproof.

MicroGlaze is effective for protecting most paper surfaces. Just rub a tiny dab on any paper surface and spread it very thinly over the area to be protected (a small make-up sponge seems to be the best applicator). The area is now water resistant and will resist dirt, stains, spills, and smears. MicroGlaze is unobtrusive and is hard to detect on a paper surface.

Of course I always rub a piece of paraffin wax over the address labels printed on the inkjet printer to prevent them from running if they get wet. I have gotten so used to doing this I now do it on all outgoing mail by habit.

Waterproof notebooks are specialty items that I once needed and today you can even get waterproof copier paper. To write on these waterproof papers, you may find that only the Fisher Space Pen works.

Paper Versus Binding & Ink Versus Paper

I read an article by Craig Courtice in the National Post entitled The Cult of the Moleskine and it got me a thinkin’. What makes a good notebook? Certainly not stories about famous people using it. A notebook is paper, binding, and a cover.

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