A Hacker’s Tale

A long but interesting article about Albert Gonzalez, the convicted hacker, in The New York Times Magazine.

After being caught due to the chance observations of a N.Y.P.D. Detective he worked by day for the U.S. Secret Service then went home and enriched himself using information from Secret Service investigations. He used information from government investigations to betray and set-up other hackers, all the while pocketing the money the other hackers paid him for credit card data.

The Secret Service let the fox into the hen-house for sure.

A very interesting read.

Reckless Vulnerability?

Rapid7 announced that an attacker with a directional antenna and a laptop can eavesdrop on wireless keyboards manufactured by Microsoft, Logitech, and other vendors, capturing every keystroke from a distance of over 30 feet away. This leaves corporate networks open to illicit intrusion and data theft that will probably look like a data breach originating from within the company.

For a look at the hacker will get, go to this interesting presentation.

Would this be Reckless Personal Information Handling if this vulnerability was exploited at your company?