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My new book, Sources and Methods for Investigative Internet Research, is available through any of the Amazon Kindle stores or from the store on this site. The ePub edition is only available from our store.

My book addresses the six problems Investigators and Researchers face when conducting Investigative Internet Research.

What They Don’t Teach in Private Investigator School

Do you have any of these six problems?

1)  You need to produce a better investigation report that includes Investigative Internet Research (IIR), but you do not know how to do the research and produce a professional report in a timely and profitable manner.

2)  As a new manager or PI agency owner, you are struggling with reporting processes and IIR.

3)  As a member of a group of Investigators you need to collaborate to conduct IIR and produce a single report without time-wasting meetings and conference calls.

4)  You are an experienced Investigator. But you are still looking for new skills and opportunities? That’s the Investigator’s best habit: continuous learning.

5)  You are not making enough money from your hard work and looking for a way to earn more money.

6)  You need to cut costs and save time. The data you need is out there, but you don’t know how to find it on-time and on-budget.

If you are not a Private Investigator, you can still apply everything in Sources and Methods for Investigative Internet Research to conduct superior research and report your findings as well as any high-priced consultant.

If you are a new PI agency owner, then this book will open your eyes to the challenges of Investigative Internet Research (IIR) and the challenges of reporting the results of your IIR efforts.

Get a jump on the learning curve from an expert who knows the challenges facing the Investigator and learn how to overcome these challenges.

Sources & Methods for Investigative Internet Research

So here are 12 powerful benefits of our book, Sources and Methods for Investigative Internet Research by Richard B. McEachin:

  1. Learn the best sources and methods for conducting Investigative Internet Research. Learn about the sources best suited to the tasks Investigators face.
  2. Develop your own “assembly line” for searching the Internet quickly. Learn how to set-up your browser and computer for secure and anonymous searching while preserving what you find as usable evidence.
  3. Expert search strategies are revealed for search engines, RSS, social media, and more.
  4. Become an expert searcher who uses the best browser add-ons and software tool-kit.
  5. Quickly collect data from the Internet while also collecting the citation needed to validate what you have found.
  6. Discover how to systematically evaluate the sources you use and the data you collect. Learn how to document this process as part of your reporting.
  7. Revealed, are the tools needed to quickly and efficiently collate all the data collected in preparation for reporting.
  8. Learn how to create reports that properly present what you find. After all, the report is your product and the client wants to get his money’s worth.
  9. Drive your clients to read your reports using tested methods to attract and hold their attention. Clients don’t like to read investigation reports. Make your reports stand-out based upon content and presentation. Learn how to hold the client’s attention and guide them through the report.
  10. Interest clients immediately using facts. Factual reporting requires a particular format to hold the reader’s attention. The facts reported must be clearly reported in an uncluttered manner. The facts must be properly evaluated and cited. You will learn how to do all this in Sources and Methods for Investigative Internet Research
  11. Prepare your investigation reports in less time and with less effort since you will know how to create report templates for every type of reporting situation.
  12. Earn more money because you produce a more professional product in less time. You will become the expert that your clients will value for IIR and concise accurate reporting.

This practical, concise, and precise book goes straight to the point: the sources and methods that you need to create professional reports on your IIR findings. This book will show you how to conduct IIR that turns you into a trusted expert. This book will help you to increase your earnings today and tomorrow. Applying the contents of this book will make you an expert Investigative Internet Researcher.

Now, how much are you ready to invest to acquire these powerful advantages? Less than $32 dollars to download immediately. Less than $32 dollars or £19 to earn thousands of dollars, by improving your investigation and reporting skills.

About the Author

Richard B. McEachin has been professional Investigator for 40 years. Now he is passing on to you how to become an expert at IIR and reporting.

For 20 years the author has been a leading provider of Investigative Internet Research to Private Investigators. This book presents what the author has learned and applied, but perhaps of more importance, based upon the author’s extensive experience, it addresses what Private Investigators don’t know about Investigative Internet Research and its reporting.

Since 2006, the author has published The Confidential Resource, which is one of the top 10 Private Investigation blogs.

The author has appeared in The Toronto Star, the Financial Post, Profit Magazine, and appeared on Canada’s most-watched current affairs and documentary program, W-5.

Contents List

  • How to Become an Expert Investigator
  • Developing a Career Path and Training Plan
  • Developing Information Literacy
  • Adding Value to IIR
  • The IIR Tool Kit
  • The IIR Computer
  • Microsoft Word & IIR
  • OneNote & IIR
  • The Browser for IIR
  • Assembly Line Searching
  • Social Network Searches
  • Twitter Searching
  • RSS Feeds
  • Privacy & Security
  • Building a Search Statement
  • Finding the Right Search Terms
  • The Mysteries of Google
  • The Other Search Engines
  • Clustering Search Engines
  • Privacy Oriented Search Engines
  • Whois Search Sites
  • Anonymous Searching
  • Image & Video Searching
  • Deep Web Searching

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