Secret Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Rules of Court S.587 prohibits the court from allowing anybody who is not a party to a divorce action or a lawyer acting for one of the parties to view a divorce action file.

This is a slippery slope when we allow our courts to mindlessly prohibit the public from seeing what it is doing. It is one thing when a judge makes a considered decision to seal an action file; however, it is risky to conceal an entire class of actions from public scrutiny.

The tired old song of personal privacy must not prevent us from seeing what our courts are doing, regardless of the type of action. An open court system is one of the hallmarks of a free and democratic society.

CPIC Search for Stolen Vehicles

The Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) was created in 1966 as an information system for Canadian law enforcement agencies. It contains, among other things, a vast list of stolen property.

The public may search for Stolen Vehicles and Bicycles by entering licence plates, VIN numbers, or serial numbers to verify for stolen vehicles or bicycles.

The search page may be found at