Report Passwords

Have you ever sent an important report out to be copied and bound?

How Investigators and Consultants handle deliverables after the final editing may affect the security of the entire job. Yet they often give the product of their genius to some unknown person for copying and binding, then leave to have lunch. We have all seen this.

Another version of this slipshod security practice is emailing unsecured reports. Or unwarranted reliance on the passwords in Word or PDF files to protect the contents.

Anybody who thinks that file passwords are completely secure should look at this Google Directory for Password Recovery software or this one for PDF Password Crackers. All password systems have weaknesses that can be exploited under some circumstances. Security comes from minimizing the exposure of the password-protected report files to circumstances that could lead to unauthorized access. Knowing the weaknesses of the password system and experience with the tools used to break it form your best defence.