Monthly Habit List

An associate pointed-out that I seem to do more work than 3 people. This was a shock to me. After the shock wore off, I realised that he might be right — not because I am some kind of superman, but because I have objectives and I am quite organised about accomplishing them. I use three lists to keep track of tasks.

Habits List

The Habits list – for the repetitive tasks I do at work or at home; the things that I should be doing regularly. This allows me to see when I am not doing important repetitive tasks like exercising and studying. An example such as this can be recreated in Excel or used as is.

Of course I keep other lists:

To-Do List

A list of 3 to 5 things to accomplish today and a list for the rest of the week in a police notebook.

Done List

The reverse of your TDL, I write down everything I accomplish in the day, and I check off items in my TDL.