Profile of Identity Theives

A recent study by the Center for Identity Management and Information Protection suggests that less than one fifth of criminals get their data from the internet. In most cases it they get their data by re-routing mail, dumpster diving and intercepting mail.

The study is available at the Center for Identity management and Information Protection (CIMIP) but unfortunately they what identifying personal information before you access the study.

A summary of the study may be found on Yahoo! and at CIMIP.

Inexpensive Pens With Good Ink

Normally I don’t use inexpensive pens, but lately I have found three inexpensive pens I now use for work and when I am travelling due to the good ink they contain. They are the Pilot G-2, Pilot G-TEC-C4, and now the uni-ball 207.

My current favorite, the uni-ball 207, uses an ink that contains color pigments which are absorbed into the paper fibers. The ink is in effect trapped on the paper fibres and can’t be washed off, as some forgers do to alter cheques. Refills are available. Uni-ball 207 is sold worldwide in stationery and office supply stores and other outlets. Mike Shea did some interesting tests of the ink in the uni-ball 207 and the G-2 and three other inks. The G-2 survived water but not soap and bleach. The uni-ball ink survived all the tests.

The Pilot G-Tec-C4 or the G-TEC-C writes with a very fine line. I use it for corrections and margin notes. They are so thin they write like mechanical pencils. The G-TEC-C seems to have a more durable ink, but it is hard to find in North America.

If your handwritten records have to survive intact for a long time, then you have to carefully consider the ink used to produce them. It seems I’ll be using the uni-ball 207 a lot more from now on.

Craigslist Ad Hoax Leaves House Stripped Bare

Laurie Raye, a property owner from Tacoma, Washington was recently the victim of a phoney ad on Craigslist that invited the public to come in and freely strip the house of its contents and fixtures. The advertisement was on the Craigslist website for two hours before being pulled. Unfortunately, that was long enough for the vultures to find the house and pick it clean.

Its not uncommon to find all sorts of scams on Craigslist, but this takes the misuse of Craigslist to a new level.

The Pretext

We hear a lot about the ‘evils’ of ‘pretexting’ in the media lately. If you want to avoid complications involving the use of pretexts, follow my three simple rules.

The three rules:

1. Do not personate a living person.

2. Do not personate a representative of any existing company (or business) or anything to do with government.

3. Do not cause anybody to be concerned for their own safety or the wellbeing of any person, business, company, or property.

Microsoft Wins $700,000 in Canadian Case

The Federal Court of Canada has recently awarded Microsoft Canada Co. the highest statutory damages in an intellectual property case in the country.

The court’s decision directing Inter-Plus Inc., a Montreal-based software reseller, to pay Microsoft a total of $500,000 in statutory damages and $200,000 in punitive damages was called “ground breaking” by software industry insiders.