A Brief History of Open Source Intelligence

An article with the above title appeared on the bellingcat site.

It is an excellent article even if I don’t agree that OSINT went into hibernation after WW2. For example, from after WW2 until the Cold War ended, in the US, the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, which is now the Open Source Enterprise and in the UK the BBC Monitoring Service trawled the airwaves, and other open sources regularly publishing transcripts and analysis of what they heard, starting after the war and continues today. There are many other examples.

On the other hand, today’s OSINT is highly influenced by a convergence of technologies. The market penetration of smartphones with 3G connections and the popularity of social media sites is one such convergence of technologies that produces raw data. The other convergence of technology is the availability of inexpensive software and computer hardware to process the raw data for analysis.