Damnable Hyperlinks

Eliminating Hyperlinks in Word

If you create reports that include material obtained from the Internet, then you must hate hyperlinks. If you don’t, then you’re not normal.

Think about it. You create a report in Word and send it to someone. They follow a link to one of the darkest, dankest parts of the Internet and come away with some hideous and unmentionable cyber disease. The disease spreads like wildfire. Everybody blames the outbreak of the hideous and unmentionable plague on you!

Now, think some more. Should you include a warning about following links in your reports? Should you remove the links? Should you include a warning about visiting URL’s in reports? My answer to these questions is, yes. I have first-hand experience. No, you may not ask about the details.

MS Word is obtuse. It hides the most needed features. Why did they make this thing so obtuse?

To copy all that stuff into Word without the hyperlinks is a chore if you use the obvious means of pasting as text only without any formatting. Unfortunately, this usually creates an unreadable mess. There are several different ways to eliminate hyperlinks in text pasted into Word. The scut work of removing hyperlinks individually takes forever, and you are certain to miss some.

Here is my ‘keyboard komando’ solution to this problem. Select the entire document using Ctrl+A. Careful now; this is a good way to erase the document if you press the wrong keys. If that happens use the undo command.

Next, press Ctrl+Shift+F9 and presto chango you are now a ‘keyboard komando’. You have eliminated all the hyperlinks in the document. Now save the document using Ctrl+S.

A far as I can tell, this works in Word 2003 through 2010.

2 thoughts on “Damnable Hyperlinks

  1. I find it preferable to author all reports in a simple text editor (or a powerful one like TextWrangler for Mac) which forgoes all hyperlinks, styles, indentation, etc. This not only avoids the hyperlink issue entirely, but forces you to structure the narrative of the report much more coherently. Then create a PDF from it for portability.

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