Sources & Methods for Investigative Internet Research

You might have noticed fewer posts lately. This is due to the time it takes to edit my forthcoming book, Sources & Methods for Investigative Internet Research, which will be published in the coming months.

A sub-title for the book might be (if I believed in sub-titles):

What They Don’t Teach in Private Investigator School

For the last 20 years the author has been a leading provider of Investigative Internet Research to Private Investigators. This book presents what the author has learned and applied, but perhaps of more importance, based upon the author’s extensive experience, it addresses what Private Investigators don’t know about Investigative Internet Research and its reporting.

However, the reader doesn’t need to be a Private Investigator to benefit from this book. The investigative process does not belong solely to the Private Investigator. Investigation is at the heart of every human activity. Scholars investigate. Antique dealers and appraisers investigate. Investors investigate. Medical Doctors investigate. In one way or another, we all investigate something or other using the Internet.

To investigate is to seek a solution. This book is about how to turn Investigative Internet Research into a solution. Let this book guide you to the following:

  • Techniques that focus and refine your search results
  • The best sources to use for searching
  • How to conduct anonymous Internet searching
  • How to conduct “safe searching” – being anonymous isn’t enough
  • How to document the search process for use as evidence
  • How to evaluate the quality of what you find
  • The best practices to preserve and organise your data for reporting.
  • How to use Microsoft Office in the most efficient manner to produce a superior report.
  • Sources, methods, tips and tricks learned over 20 years

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