How To Hide from Google

Google isn’t a search engine — it’s an advertising engine. Google makes its money from advertising. You may have noticed that the advertisments that appear on your Google search results page is related to what you are searching.

Some of this advertising results from cookies placed on your computer. If you use Gmail, it is even more intrusive as each email is read, and you get ads associated with the content of your email. This is a good business strategy for Google but intrudes upon the user’s privacy. You should shut-off the collection of web history in your Google account. To do this sign into your Google account and then go to Once there, click on Remove all Web History and then click on Pause to stop further collection of your web history. There is also a way to rid yourself of the intrusive monitoring of you normal web searching.

Google uses DoubleClick to monitor your web browsing. To eliminate this monitoring go to and download this small file for each browser that you use. The instalation prceedure will vary with each browser. This file won’t disappear when you use a file wiping program to clearout all the trash web browsing accumulates.

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