UK Company and Director Information

Company Check Ltd. has “compiled records of over 5 million company directors (in its Director Check database), every company they are part of and the financials behind them, allowing you to see background information and other interests of company directors in the UK. Information about Directors includes Full Name, Date of Birth and Registered Address.”

They also operate the Company Check site where company registration details, key financials and director records, are currently available at no charge. Paid subscribers can also access current and historical credit scores and limits, county court judgments, detrimental data and more.

To search directors and officers go to:
To search companies go to:

These are not replacements for searches of the authoritative source, Companies House, but they are useful for initial searches.

The descriptions of the two sites raise some questions about content if both represent the same official data source. As you can see above, Director Check says it has records for 5 million directors. However, the Company Check site gives the following stats: “12,000,000 directors listed with 10 million service addresses… 8,000,000 companies stored in our database.” I guess they are saying that they only made 5 million directors searchable in the Director Check database.