Charities & Background Investigations

I see a lot of reports produced by Private Investigators from all across North America and rarely do I ever see a search for a subject’s involvement with a charity included in background investigation reports.

In Canada, this is quite easy to do. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a web site where one can get the filings of a charity if you know its name. All Canadian registered charities are required to fill out an information return in leu of paying income tax. Like so much data produced by government, it is poorly presented and is difficult to navigate.

A much better search facility for the CRA data is available that allows searches by Director or Trustee name. This seems to work very well. Of course, all such search facilities need to be doubled checked against the “official” version before you put your name on the report.

This data will reveal associations, affiliations, the names of family members, and much more.


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