A New Year & New Markets

This past year has been difficult due to the economic upheaval that has seen some of our largest clients suffer financial set-backs. This has meant we have had to make adjustments. We have had to find new markets and develop new products.

The first developing market that we have found is for training.  In the past two years we have attended many seminars by U.S. based presenters. While they all had something unique and valuable to offer, we noticed that they know very little about Canada and its laws. This  usually means critical details are wrong in their sources and methodology. This is not a small thing for the individual or company paying to learn something that turns out to be impossible in Canada.

The second developing market is Investigative Internet Research (IIR).  Investigators are now starting to understand that conducting research using the Internet is not just a matter of a simple Google or Facebook search.  Unfortunately, they don’t yet know how to best explain this to clients or how to price and sell this service. In the new year, we will be offering IIR reports that will help both our Private Investigator clients and their end-users with these problems.  These reports clearly identify the sources used, along with the significance of the reported data. Of course, we report our methods to illustrate that no impropriety occured in the collection of the data and to show the sophisticated effort and tools used to collect the data.