Google-Free Wednesday — Similar Pages & Link Searches

Lately, Google has begun eliminating as much search functionality as they can.  One of their recent efforts is the revamped advanced search page.  If you don’t think so, then just try to find the advanced search page on your own, I dare you.  Did you find it?

Evidently Google thinks you aren’t smart enough to use such advanced stuff.  If you really want to find the advanced search page you have to start your search first and then go all the way to the bottom of the SIRP where you will find a link to advanced search.

Under the guise of “people don’t use it”, the similar pages and links to a specific page (backlinks) options have been removed.  Now why would anybody want those nasty things anyway?

Similar Pages

Similar pages now have to be searched using and  This type of search is important to the expert searcher to develop search syntax and to find other players in a given market. The Google search syntax is most often a poor substitute for the above search engines.


To find the sites linking to a particular page you have to do it in the main search box using the Google search syntax,  Google’s link command isn’t very useful because Google collects so few backlinks. Bing is no help with backlinks. Yahoo closed its Site Explorer some time ago.  It might seem like searching backlinks is now limited to the scant Google results or nothing if you don’t have SEO tools on hand. Fortunately, that is not true.

Blekko Backlinks to the Rescue

Blekko is an excellent alternative for finding backlinks.

The search syntax is to use their slashtags /links or /domainlinks with a URL or domain name. The /links slashtag will find pages that link to a particular page whereas the /domainlinks slashtag finds all inbound links to a particular site.

The second route is via your search results. At the end of each search result is a downwards pointing arrow labelled SEO. Click on this and select links from the pop-up box. This creates a /links search syntax for the page given in the search result. Backlinks

We have also used successfully. Search by the domain name, then select [backlinks] next to the domain name in the resulting table.  At the top right of the backlinks table, select External Only: On to get the external backlinks.