Copernic Agent & Google

I have used Copernic for years, and just accepted its lack of a Google search.  I just got used to it, and never sought a way to add Google.

At a recent conference, Kevin Ripa told me that a registry entry would solve the problem after I mentioned that it didn’t search Google.  If you’re going to feel like an idiot, its good to shown-up by a really smart guy like Kevin.

Go to the registry key:


and insert the following string:


with value,


2 thoughts on “Copernic Agent & Google

  1. hey, I’m using latest version of copernic pro. Tried the update.reg variation, which did not work en after completely removing, incl registry, and reinstall tried your way, which eventually left me with just 5 search engines and still no google :-)
    What happened? Any ideas?

  2. You should try this syntax:



    Don’t miss the first part “REGEDIT4” and to wrap the values in double quotes. Also make sure that your file have the .reg extension.

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