Escorts, Incalls, Outcalls, and Massage Parlours

The demise of the “Erotic Services” section of Craigslist in Canada has led to a rush to fill the vacuum. This has made it harder to identify prostitution ads being run by people who are carrying out other scams such as exaggerated or fraudulent insurance claims.

As these ads move to other venues, a predominate source will rise to the top. At this time I predict that it will be Duttslist or the Toronto Backpage site.

The following is a list of 25 sites vying for the position of top prostitution ad site in Canada:

Some of these sites are easy to search by telephone number and some are not.

Censorship: You be the Judge

Google Ad-sense sent an automated notice that their machines were going to stop serving ads because I listed the sites that we often search for telephone numbers as explained above.  Of course machines can’t read, but they can find links. Now Google is censoring content because they don’t like to place ads on anything that has links to sites that they don’t like, in this case so-called ‘adult content’.  I can understand not wanting to be involved in promoting pornography or the sex trade, but this is only a machine telling me what to write and there is nobody to talk to and no living person at Google ever read this article.