Fraud Not Important Enough to Prosecute In Ontario

Reading the following article makes me wonder what happened to Canada when the Crown refuses to prosecute Tzvi Erez for a $27 million Dollar Ponzi scheme. Ontario Attorney General Chris Bentley obviously doesn’t understand that incompetence is the worst form of corruption.

Accused Ponzi schemer won’t be prosecuted

According to a Sept. 30 memo written by Tencer’s lawyer, Lou Brzezinski, assistant Crown attorney Donna Gillespie told him the charges were dropped “because the courts were tied up with more serious criminal matters [such as rape and murder].”

Brzezinski, whose client invested more than $1.2 million with Erez, claimed Gillespie said that “court time and availability of judges were insufficient … and as a result, hard choices had to be made.”

The Crown also suggested another reason charges were withdrawn was because the victim should have known better.

Assistant Crown attorney Gillespie echoed that consideration when she appeared before court to have the charges withdrawn.