Craigslist Scam Fighting

Top Craigslist scams and how not to be bamboozled

Craigslist does offer very sensible advice on how to recognize and avoid scams. The problem is many victims apparently don’t heed the advice. Don’t want to become one of these poor schmucks. Then pay careful heed.

Exposing scam artists who use Craigslist

I created this blog site to expose the scam artists, crooks, and their tactics that prey on honest hard working people on craigslist. I encourage you to share your stories and experiences with other people so that we may better serve the craigslist community, by making it a safer place.

One thought on “Craigslist Scam Fighting

  1. I agree that we have to find a way to put a stop to the scam artists and crooks and theft on craigslist. I have had my share of spam and some bad checks. How do we make the internet a safer place to live. We have to find a way to clarify who we are dealing with and not have unknown people answering my ads. I am tired of getting spam everytime I post something…..any ideas?

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