Fake Bank Record Scam

Ex-cop, wife accused of faking bank records

Police say duo reeled in clients by claiming ex-spouses, relatives stashed money offshore

Cullen Johnson was a top Toronto cop.

Elaine White was a dogged investigator at a downtown accounting firm.

Now the husband and wife team of private detectives are accused of forging and selling bank records that make clients believe an ex-spouse, friend or employee has millions of dollars stashed offshore…

This is a case where the victims should have known what was on offer was too good to be true.

Secret sources always introduce reliability problems into an investigation or research project.

For example, is the source lying; does the source even know what he’s talking about; is the information old; and is this a trick of some kind? Is the secret source doing something illegal to obtain the information? Is the data fabricated?

Open sources, on the other hand, can be fact-checked in real-time through multiple sources. Open sources can be properly identified and the collection method can be explained fully.

Twyman’s Law

Remember, Twyman’s Law states:

Any piece of data or evidence that looks interesting or unusual is probably wrong!

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