The Virtual Investigator

Secret Identity

Secret Squirrel would be jealous of all the facilities available to the Virtual Investigator. These things let the Virtual Investigator ask questions and communicate without revealing his secret identity.

Secret Email

Setting-up your computer for TOR use, or XeroBank’s anonymous proxy server network, then getting an email address from or begins your transformation into a Virtual Investigator.

Secret Phone & Fax

The greatest Virtual Investigator tools are telephone and fax numbers from and You can have a voicemail box or fax number in almost any country. Sign up and get virtual number anywhere you want. You give the number out as your voicemail or fax, clients or people you are investigating contact you at your number in Santiago Chile and that call is forwarded to your address. You can fax from your laptop anywhere in the world. If you need a full-blown virtual office go to

Secret Cell Phone

Mobile telephones for international use operate on the GSM 900 and GSM 1800 frequency. An international cell phone with the appropriate SIM card will provide coverage in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific Rim including Australia. A world cell phone with the GSM 1900 frequency will expand coverage to include the United States, Canada and a growing part of South America. The Virtual Investigator would get a prepaid world cell phone and use a prepaid international calling card to make calls on the prepaid phone for added security. For even more security, the Virtual Investigator would change the cell number or dump the phone periodically. He would use several cell phones, one for out going calls and the other for incoming and have the incoming cell phone forwarded to another prepaid cell phone.